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AEI Technologies is the industry leader in the production, installation and training on how to use metabolic carts. If you are on the lookout for a metabolic cart company, our company has been leading this industry since the 70’s. Read below to learn more about what a metabolic cart is and their uses. To summarize, a metabolic cart measures the oxygen consumption and co2 production of a subject, whether that be a human, dogs or plants.

You may know that you need a metabolic cart to obtain the data you need but you may not know what a cart is, necessarily. Ours carts are modular and the parts can be moved around based on the data you need. This means that you will only need to buy the parts you need or you can buy parts bit by bit to assemble your cart.

Metabolic carts are a great tool for physiology, nutrition and kinesiology departments at top research universities. Our carts are in top universities all over the world. Sports medicine companies like Ironman and Gatorade Sports Science Institutes also use our carts to measure the progress of athletes. We won’t be beat in our customer service. Other recognizable clients include NASA, U.S. Navy, FC Barcelona, NBA and NFL.

“We provide installation, training, service and support depending on what the client’s needs are,” Phil, AEI Technologies owner for over 17 years, said.

The carts have gone through major improvements over the years as the technology grows. New features have been added as well as new optional features. Whenever new upgrades are available for purchase we notify clients.

The basic operation of the cart is still the same.

Our MOXUS cart consists of:

S-3AI or S-3AII Analyzer – The S-3AII can measure the input and output and the difference between the two at the same time, saving researchers time.

Interface box – This is the brain of the operation. It connects via a USB to a computer and takes the analog and converts it to digital for display. It also routes the flow for the gases.

Pneumatic – Flow sensor.

Sensor box – Now the sensor box is as small as a cigarette box and has seen updates over the past couple of years. This box measures humidity and temperature in real time. This is important because humidity can destroy the cart.

Flow control pump – The R1 and R2 are regular pumps. The R4 and R5 are a multi-channel box that will route on a particular path.

Dryer box –  This box is filled with a molecular seize desiccant that removes as much moisture as possible from the breath sample as possible before it reaches the sensor. Moisture can destroy the sample.

Mixing chamber – This is a box with a fan that takes the breathe sample and mixes it to homogenize it and ultimately smooths out the data.

These carts are at least ten times better than our competitors. The error of margin is less than our competitors. The resolution is 1 part per million which is limited by the gas available on today’s market, not by our technology.

Thank you for visiting AEI Technologies, a leading metabolic cart company. If you are interested in learning more about what a metabolic cart is and what they can do for you, give us a call today!