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H. Scott Kieffer, Ed.D., FACSM

Professor of Exercise Physiology

Messiah College

I have used the AEI Technologies (Moxus) cart for over 10 years and have found the system to be a central piece of equipment for our undergraduate Exercise Physiology program.  For teaching, the system is an integral part of upper and lower division laboratory courses.  The sleek, yet multi-component, model allows us to teach general metabolic function with our introductory classes but also permits us to easily teach fractional components and the mathematical computations in our upper division classes.  For research purposes, the Moxus allows for confidence in system calibration and a software integration that permits a host of measurement for data analysis.  In addition to the Moxus system, the sales staff works hard to identify and tailor the system for your needs and the service department exceeds professional standards.  Finally, the multi-component set-up of the system has allowed us to periodically upgrade the system with newer technologies without buying a whole new system. 

I recommend the metabolic measurement products from AEI Technologies without hesitation and encourage contact/visit the staff regarding your teaching and research needs.