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Schiller Spirometer

The SPIROVIT SP-1 is a unique solution to simplify complex lung function testing. The high-resolution patient incentive screen displays real-time flow/volume loops and detailed measurement matrices. The data can be either printed within seconds or transmitted to a PC.

  • FVC, SVC, MVV, MV and pre/post medication tests with choice of predicted normal
  • Simple operation
  • Internal memory for up to 100 tests (optional)
  • Built-in mains and battery operation
  • Ready-to-file reports within seconds on 3.5” (90 mm) paper
  • Comparison of predicted and actual values
  • Automatic interpretation
  • Data transmission via built-in RS-232 interface to PC-based data management program SEMA for longterm storage, retrieval and trends
  • Everything in one box … memory, battery, printer, patient incentive screen
  • Affordable, fast, reliable, labelled