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Accuracy & Reliability

Exact VO2, VCO2 & RER measurements are too important for speculation, choose the Gas Analyzers researchers depend on!

Our S-3A Oxygen and CD-3A Carbon Dioxide analyzers are the most accurate O2 and CO2 gas analyzers available. This means your data using AEI products will have greater accuracy and repeatability as compared to competitive Metabolic Carts and Gas Analyzers! Learn more.


For over 45 years our S-3A Oxygen and CD-3A Carbon Dioxide analyzers have been relied upon by leading research institutions as the Gold Standard in respiratory gas analysis. Our team of engineers are continuously evaluating and improving our products and coming up with innovative ideas to achieve the best performance possible for our customers.


AEI Technologies implements a Quality Management System (QMS) which is compliant with the US FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 820 medical device standards. All our products are tested to FDA standards and are designed and manufactured following our QMS guidelines to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products.


We pride ourselves on creating products with superior performance and focus on speed, accuracy and long-term repeatability. When evaluated and compared to the competition, AEI Technologies products are second to none.

Customer service

Whether you have a technical question or need assistance deciding which product is the best fit for you, AEI has a team of specially trained engineers to coach you through system applications and product performance capabilities to provide solutions that are fast, convenient, and cost-effective for even the most challenging scenarios


AEI Technologies’ experience, quality, performance, and service, along with our flexible product lines, provide our customers with the options you need at the best value.

I have been dealing with aerobic power testing of athletes since the mid 1970’s, and have used a variety of equipment and protocols. In 2010 my work place decided to acquire a new metabolic analyzer. I looked through the available models and found in particular one interesting analyzer, the Moxus from AEI technologies. From projects I had done, I had experience with the S-3A oxygen and CD-3A CO2 analyzers, and knew they were extremely sturdy and long lasting, in addition to being very accurate. Their integration into a metabolic system made it possible to combine “on-line” measurements and Douglas bag measurements, making the system very suitable for both education and research. It was thus an easy decision to suggest Moxus as the new metabolic system.

Since then I have had ample opportunity to use the Moxus system in both research and more routine tasks. My experience is very good. The system is very stable, and has not needed any factory service. It performs well each time and requires little maintenance. In a study by Medbø, Mamen and Beltramo, Moxus was found to be a very accurate analyser (Medbø, Mamen, Beltramo, Appl. Physiol. Nutr. Metab. 37: 860–871 (2012). This has also been confirmed by Rosendahl et al.,  Eur J Appl Physiol 113: 1355-1367 (2013)..

In all, I have experienced the Moxus system to be highly valid and reliable, with little need for external service.

Asgeir Mamen, PhD

Kristiania University College